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TED talks I LOVE

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       Hey, dear readers! So calm and gloomy day today here, in Denmark. A perfect day for a motivational blog post, where I will share my most inspirational TED talks, I have heard lately (I hope everyone knows TED, but whose, who don't, check the link up).

An idea about this kind of post was haunting me for a long time. Personally, I found this incredible site few years ago, but it was a big hit for me after I gave a birth to my angel and was sitting alone at home. I didn't have much time for reading a book, so watching something expanding one's mind was a perfect leisurely form in these days. As I can't live without learning (in the broad sense), I highly recommend one TED a day. It became an addiction - but a very good one!...And a feeling you want to share every seen TED with your best friends, family and blog readers. 

      If You don't know, where to start - (because, oh, dear! You can find about anything you wish) -  my choices are here. Last week I shared some books, so the talks are a bit familiar - for self building and becoming conscious. Hope You'll enjoy. And.....

                    .....one TED a day keeps the gloom away. 

1. Polly Young - Getting free of Self - Importance Is the Key To Happiness

2. Caroline McHugh - The Art of Being Yourself

3. Elizabeth Gilbert - Your Elusive Creative Genius

4. Patti Dobrowolski - Draw Your Future

5. Eva DeVirgilis - In My Chair - A Make Up artist perspective on beauty

Let's stay with 5 of talk today. Please, dear readers, share Your favourites and if You wish more this kind of posts, write a comment in field below.

It was pleasure

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