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With this post I start a weekly series project "Inner". I want to add a new tone to my blog and I invite all readers to mirror diet*.

I was talking to my man last night about how does he feel aging. Because I do (even then I am only 25). It is new and diverse thing in my universe of feelings. I caught myself a few days ago - was contemplating surroundings, as I usually do, and understood that I am much older than those young folks I was starring at. It's absolutely normal and nothing worth to talk about, you can say. But it is! That moment I felt how happy I am about my aging! And how sad it is, that many of us - don't. I mean, we all think we don't change a lot - inside or out. We don't even think about it, but if we look back at our picture two years ago, we can easily notice, that time leaves some marks on. 
In my opinion, time brings  more beauty to us! 

Since I was a little girl, I've always admired elegant gray-haired ladies. Even it is some kind of cliche. And I wanted to be one of them. I didn't ever wanted to be like a barbie model, but exactly the graceful intelligent old lady. Why? Because it was something special in their eyes - self-confidence, love for a living, something You should be old enough to have. 

I believe, that shining in eyes doesn't appear, if You do nothing, except watching a mirror and let it to define You. I don't understand this cult of youth, which translate to us "forever young and beautiful skin". Translating it into every single day and in every step we take or magazine we open. So wrong if we accept this view without understanding what we truly are. 

Your body is only a house. A temple to your soul. I don't say, that You shouldn't take a lot of care of it. But, please, not too much. Good food, exercising, fresh air. That's enough. We must dress, firstly, inside - with travels, books, inspiring people, movies, quality talks with friends, creativity and learning. We must dress with love and tolerance. Then we will have less time  to stand in front of a mirror or on the scale, letting it to say if we have a good or a bad day. We will have less time in front of ourselves searching for a new wrinkle. *And there are only two diets, worth Your time - mirror diet and anger diet. Less of both are good for every single human-being.


I say big "no" to a cult of beautiful ageless facades. We ourselves need to grow - not by chasing the days we were young, but by letting by every moment and period we were in. By taking the most precious moments and biggest lessons along to our future way. Experience makes us beautiful.


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