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Good Day, sweet readers!

A few days ago posted  small amount from my instagram, where You may have noticed some blossoms! It was so charming trip that I couldn't share it with You!!! 

Actually, it was my friend, who told me about it and sent some pictures. We went to Bispebjerg Kirkegård in Copenhagen and had some special time while walking down the blossom path in the middle of the week. It's quite ridiculous, but our journey would have come to the end in a different way - we went in and all we saw was just a few flowering trees. "How sad it came to the end so soon" - I told to Tomas! Luckily, we met a nice lady, who was telling one couple about the old cherry trees. We followed them and found the - havenowordstodescribe - alley! 

   Fortunately, we found the Alley, but still, the idea of a transience of our days caught me so much! What if we really would have been late? (You can say (as Tomas told) man can come here next year) Maybe You will never have a chance! As You will never have a chance to do/ see many things, You should have been doing/ seeing! 
I always realize, that everything is temporary, but time by time, You get a note from the life saying to stop by!  Now I live in a "mommy mode" so the note I got 9 months ago was a little girl! The first skin to skin contact or seeing baby growing and getting smarter so fast! At that moment You understand "it will never come back" makes You wanna hold the princess for a little bit longer!

In the end, I always remember one of my credo, which, I believe, fits all my writing above

Share Your thoughts in the comments - I always appreciate!

Lots Of Love, 

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5 komentarai (-ų)

  1. Beautiful pictures! The flowers are so pretty :)
    Looks like you had a wonderful time!


  2. What a gorgeous post. I love springtime and all the blossoms that sprout and fill the world with colour. That time of year always reminds me of one of my fave quotes by RWE. "The earth laughs in flowers".