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EN: I see many bloggers did that, so I thought it would be a great idea for one of the first post for my blog. So, here we go!


1. I am fanatical about hot chocolate. I rarely choose something else if it is possible to drink warm, cozy cup of chocolate.
2. I love whipped skinny milk. I put it on my morning coffee, hot chocolate and other warm drinks mostly everyday. Sometimes I pour some sugar and eat (yes, eat!) it by itself.
3. I can easily live without buns, muffins and other flour or breadstuffs, but...
4. I struggle a lot with my chocolate and caramel addiction. It takes a lot of effort not to buy something fudgy everyday.
5. I usually eat Caesar salad while I am out. Even if we are going to try "something different", I end up with asking Ceasars. Can't explain why.
6. I hardly eat traditional Lithuanian food. Have enough in my younger days.
7. Dates are the best dried fruit for me ever. So caramel!


8. I am obsessed with cities. The bigger means the better! I dream about living in the city center somewhere in New York or Paris.
9. I could sit for hours and watch at people and traffic. Love the lights in the night and long evening walks.
9. Hate to be in nature more than for 1 day. Seems like I have no air to breathe.
10. I live in an absolute countryside just right now and hoping for a place near the Copenhagen. Things are getting better! Fingers crossed!
11. I adore everything about PARIS and France, but I have never been there. It is my dream destination number one!

Loves & Hates

12. I'm a big fan of flea markets and I am so happy to be here, in Denmark, as there a lot of it. All my Sundays are dedicated to loppemarkeds!

13. I love reading books and collect them. Sometimes I buy books, which I have already read and the ones which look nice.
14. My favorite color is royal blue. I got it just last summer. I didn't have one before.
15. I can spend a lot of time organizing things - in an apartment or in the computer.
16. I never take a nap and don't like to sleep long.
17. I am not a cat person at all. I used to say that I will have at least 5 dogs. Well, I changed my opinion - would be nice to have one and it definitely would be a Beagle.
18. I can't stand, when people are late. I am never late and would arrive earlier when I should.
19. DIY cosmetics are the best option for me!
20. I love the sun and blue sky! And I am sad, when it rains.
21. I love love love to sing to my daughter when we are alone in the house. But I would never sing in the front of anyone (except my mom and sister - and that times I end up with joking and silly mimics)
22. I don't like, can't stand and hate dirty dishes. It is like a nightmare. I always wash it - in the middle of the most interesting movie or at 4 am.


23. I used to draw a lot and had a dream to become an artist. Haven't painted anything for 5 years for now.

24. I can easily get addicted to anything. Especially bad foods or unhealthy habits. So I stay away from it.
25. I can appear very calm and shy person when I first meet people. I am introvert and feel very comfortable being with myself.

So, there are 25 things about me. I hope You enjoyed. Please leave me some comments with random facts about Yourself. I am looking forward.

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16 komentarai (-ų)

  1. I can relate to nr.18 so well! I hate when people are late too. Interesting post, I wanted to do one for a while now but still haven't gathered enough facts, need to think about them haha. :)

    With Love,

    AWO Stories

  2. This is a cool post - especially if it's one of your firsts too. I also order Caesar salads whenever I go out for lunch. With chicken and no anchovies lol. I'm not very adventurous - not like I'd like to be. I'm also a compulsive organiser. I don't like starting things if they're not organised.


    1. It's nice to hear!!! It would be interested to know You better! :)

  3. As irgi negaliu pakesti velavimo. 2 minutes man taip pat velavimas :)

  4. Thank you very much for this post! It’s really interesting!
    Fell in love with your blog! You did a great job!

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham http://www.dianacloudlet.com/2015/02/victoria-beckham-zip-pouch-met-victoria-beckham.html

    Diana Cloudlet

  5. Thank You, it is So nice to hear! :)

  6. This is so cool... I feel like I know you so well now! I got hungry for fudge reading your post...and your thoughts about the city are so true... I'm also not the outdoorsy type!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Refresh

    1. Let's take some fudge, mmm? Glad to hear You like the post!
      Have a beautiful day!

  7. I loved this post! I'm really bad with biscuits. If I have one I can't stop!


  8. This is how it happens! :) maybe need to consider buying 3-5 biscuits, but very delicious, than a package :)

  9. I loved your post! I absolutely LOVE hot chocolate, especially on a cold day!!